Discover the exciting world of outdoor living with the installation of custom front porch designs. By blending your vision with SATX Remodeling, your new backyard retreat will be the envy of the neighborhood.
A porch is not only part of the portico of a home, but it is a vital component of its curb appeal and character; the porch acts as a gateway to the home. The front porch is used when coming and going, used by guests and visitors, and even the mailman. It is important to have a safe front porch that helps accentuate the home’s curb appeal.
Porches come in different sizes and styles, covered and uncovered. Some common porch types include concrete, concrete with stone cladding, interlock paver systems, and porches constructed from lumber. Porches can incorporate different elements such as pillars, columns, railings, privacy fences, porticos, roof structures, lighting, and even skylights. Porches, like decks, can even act as living spaces with room to relax. We at SATX Remodeling can help you with your porch project.
The planning process begins with a personalized design consultation, leading to an overview of the project details, and concludes with a cutting-edge 3D visualization. This advanced technology provides a photo-realistic image of the final project, so understanding your preferences and requirements are a crucial component of the design process.
Building front porches for traditional homes are a specialty for SATX Remodeling. Porches are also the kind of project we are very passionate about. Check out some of the recent porch projects we’ve completed for customers from across the city. If you’re considering a porch build for your home, give us a call or submit a form on our website.
It is our goal to create structurally sound front porches that fit flawlessly into your property’s footprint. Our professional designer can provide guidance in selecting the best design for your porch.