Home remodeling is challenging! Our goal is to make it easy for you with the following steps:

1. Free Estimate

Each project that we start begins with a free, no-strings-attached estimate. We do NOT charge any estimation fees unlike other companies.

2. Detailed Walk Through

Once a free estimate is approved, we schedule a detailed walk-through in which we itemize every piece of material that you’ll need at the house. We also identify any major changes that we anticipate may become an issue as part of the home renovation process.

3. Scheduling

One of the most important parts of any home remodeling project is keeping to a schedule. We present you with a plan and estimated time-frame of completion so that you can make your plans according to your project schedule. 


4. Coordination

Once your project has been scheduled, we handle all coordination of subcontractors including plumbing, electric, HVAC, carpentry, etc. Your role is to sit back and relax as we ensure that everything remains on schedule.

5. Materials Selection

We can help you pick out material for your project or work with an outside vendor (for tile, flooring, etc). 

6. Cost Reporting

As the project continues on, we can help with cost reporting so that you are budgeting and making changes to your remodeling goals accordingly. Our goal is to minimize any surprises that occur during the remodeling process. 

Our team has experience with home remodeling projects big and small. Contact Us Today for a Free Estimate!