kitchen remodeling san antonio

Kitchen is the heart of the home, where family comes together to gather to cook a meal and typically is where the company gathers during a party. Designing a innovative kitchen is always an thrilling task, even if it is a bit daunting. At SATX Remodeling, we have a team of specialists who will walk you through every step of the process and leave you with a kitchen that will fire your culinary originality and fit your needs and style perfectly. Now, to turn your kitchen into a comfortable working space, we’ve got you covered.

Cabinet Installation

We can work with standard shaker cabinets or custom cabinets and help with your installation. This includes detailed measurements, sizing, etc.


We can also install countertops (quartz, granite, formica) and customize the installation to fit your budget. 


A great backsplash will draw attention to your kitchen and also protect the walls from any water damage. We have experience using several types of tile and can help with any major backsplash install. 

Vent Hood

We can run a new vent or run off the existing vents in your house for a new vent hood installation. These vent hoods are a great way to increase the value of your home and the cosmetic appeal of your kitchen.


We can help install tile flooring, waterproof laminate, engineered hardwood, or any other type of flooring that you want installed.

Stovetop and Appliances

As part of your kitchen remodel, we can install a new stovetop as well as take care of appliances installation.

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